Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How to choose a home that really works for you

Are you about to buy or rent a home?

Are you worried about choosing the wrong place, even if what you’ve found ticks all the boxes?

Maybe you have a shortlist of properties and can’t decide?

Or perhaps you have a ‘feeling’ about a place and need reassurance?

Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. And the process of finding one, the right one, and buying it is likely to be one of the most stressful situations you’ll find yourself in.

Even if you’re renting, finding the right place to be a nurturing, supportive home to you and your family is crucial for your happiness and health.

You’ve probably got your checklist already: location, number of bedrooms, garden, parking, etc. But what about your energetic checklist?

Will the energy of the place support you, nourish and nurture you? Or will it hinder you and slow your life down? Wouldn’t knowing that help you make the right choice? Wouldn’t you want a home that is going to nourish you and your family?

The Feng Shui House Buyer’s Guide is your energetic checklist. It’s a comprehensive summary of what you should be considering from an energetic perspective including:

Predecessor Chi Form School Compass School Geopathic Stress
Don’t worry if you have come across these terms before. They are just some of the areas I analyse when I consult with my clients and I explain them simply in this guide.

The Feng Shui House Buyer’s Guide will show you what to look for energetically and how to enhance the good aspects to make your home more auspicious. And, if you choose a home with some negative energetic aspects, The Feng Shui House Buyer’s Guide will show you how to negate or cure them in order to make your home work for you energetically.

Buying or renting isn’t cheap so making the right decision is crucial and you can only do that if you have all the information to hand. The Feng Shui House Buyer’s Guide is written by a fully qualified and accredited feng shui consultant and a great investment that will help you make the right choice.

Here's the PDF version

Also available on Kindle

Would you rather have an accredited Feng Shui consultant check potential properties for you? 

I always suggest that you discount any properties that do not meet your physical requirements or that you cannot compromise on.  Then I can look at your shortlist from an energetic perspective.

Remote or on site options available. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.